Multiple Personalities
A.K.A. Dissociative Identity Disorder
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This disorder is characterized by the presence of several split or distinctive personality, or even identity, states that constantly has control over a person's behavior. There is a lack of connection within a person's memories, thoughts, actions, feelings, or sense of identity. This is due to a severe form of dissociation. It is often found that this disorder stems from a traumatic event or experience.

Symptoms:Some symptoms may include:
  • Seeming to operate under various identities (involuntary)
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Depression
  • Compultions
  • Substance abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Moodswings
  • Hallucinations
  • Sleep disorders
  • Anxiety and Panic attacks (due to flashbacks)
  • Loss of Memory (and Blackouts)
  • Derealization

Other common symptoms are closely related to not recognizing one's own life. For example, not recognizing oneself in the mirror, having posessions you don't recall aquiring, often being confronted or approached by strangers who seem to know you. These are the result of having more than one personality or identity to your own person.

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Therapy, the most effective, and common treatment, the idea is for therapists to help strengthen and improve relationships within the patients life. They confront evaded emotions and adress their past. The therapy session moves slowly to avoid a mental lapse or breakdown. It's important to aide the patient and show support as they move through the healing process.
Another popular treatment is hypnosis, it connects the patient with their unknown counterparts. Hypnosis helps to find information about their alternative personalities and their lives. Communication is improved between the personalities, and it helps to close the gap between them.

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Depersonalization, derealization, and amnesia are all side-effects of MPD. The biggest interference with normal life, for those who suffer from MPD, is the lack of connection between the split personalities. Information is lost between them, and it is difficult to manage your life. There would be people in your life that you would be unaware of, and events that occu
rred that you wouldn't recall. You would most likely always experience the feeling that you are missing a piece of you, because id fact there is another character to yourself.

  • About 98% of those diagnosed have a history of extreme disturbances during vital developmental stages of childhood. Such disturbances are generally recurring and seen as over-powering and times even life threatening.
  • Individuals with Multiple Personality disorder spend about 7 years in the mental health system before being officially diagnosed.
  • Approximately 1% of the general poublic is diagnosed with MPD.
  • It's estimated that 7% of the population may have an undiagnosed form of MPD.
  • 33% of the population feel as if they are watching their life as if it were a movie.

Celebrities With MPD:´╗┐
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"Herschel Walker, who says he's struggled with dissociative identity disorder for years but has only been treated for the past eight years.

Walker recently published a book about his struggles with dissociative identity disorder, along with his suicide attempts. Walker talks about a feeling of disconnect from childhood to the professional leagues. To cope, he developed a tough personality that didn't feel loneliness, one that was fearless and wanted to act out the anger he always suppressed. These "alters" could withstand the abuse he felt; other alters came to help him rise to national fame. Today, Walker realizes that these alternate personalities are part of dissociative identity disorder, which he was diagnosed with in adulthood." (

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Nicki Minaj, a well-known singer, has opened up about her multiple personality disorder. She claims that her best known personalities are Nicki, Barbie, and Roman, though there are countless others. Nicki is her normal self, the way she acts when she is at ease and in control. Barbie is a character that comes up mostly when around fans. She is a very sweet girl with an delicate caring voice. Roman on the other hand is the Devil within Nicki, he is an angry homosexual male. His voice is demon like and fast paced.

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´╗┐Word Bank:
"Dissociation: A mental process, which produces a lack of connection in a person's thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity." ( WebMD Medical Reference)

Derealization: The sense of 'feeling unreal'